The Center for Natural Resources at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, was founded in 2012 to foster sensible approaches for environmental and energy resource utilization. The Center’s specialties include assessment and remediation studies of pollution in natural settings, and evaluation of natural resources for potential production of energy, especially the production of renewable energy.  The Center for Natural Resources conducts studies ranging from the microscopic scale to the landscape scale, and utilizes advanced networks of sensors.

The staff of the Center integrates comprehensive field measurements with powerful computational models.   The Center is internationally known for its long-term studies of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska and the recent Gulf of Mexico oil spill, along with its efforts in dealing with Hurricane Sandy.  The Center’s publications have been in renowned journals, such as NATURE geosciences and Environmental Science and Technology. The CNR Center collaborates with a broad range of constituents including federal, industrial and regional foundations to create sustainable approaches that adequately balance the diversity of public and private interests.

CNR’s long-term vision is the development and adoption of minimally intrusive technology for dealing with environmental and energy challenges.  It aims to produce the next generation of scientists that are well informed of societal needs.  The Center also strives to fostering environmental education and best methods for stewardship of natural resources.