Design Showcase Fact Sheet

All About Design Showcase

In 2016, as we celebrated 10 years of Design Showcase, more than 200 practicing architects, interior designers, industrial designers, and digital designers from the NY/NJ area attended our event. These alumni from the College of Architecture and Design at NJIT represent small and large architectural firms, government agencies, builders, real estate developers, entrepreneurs, designers, and innovators. These leaders joined our 100 top participating students, industry suppliers, and friends of the College.

Our top 100 students from the NJ School of Architecture and the School of Art + Design exhibit their work on boards as well as with selected pieces and animated works. Among our alumni, we display boards of current architectural work as well as industrial and interior design work from our Art + Design alumni.

Our sponsors for the event are encouraged to participate in the networking portion of the evening as well as show their products in our vendor showcase. As many of our alumni are partners in firms or hold decision making positions, it’s a unique opportunity for the sponsors to engage with top professionals with whom they might not otherwise be able to connect. A typical array of supporters includes suppliers, insurance and risk management companies, computer hardware and interior design suppliers.

In an academic environment, no event like this would be complete without a lecture. In 2016, we introduced a new initiative for including an alum as our evening lecturer. James Tichenor ‘99 presented a lecture entitled XYZ which was received with accolades, respect, and enthusiasm by our students and alumni from the entire College. This initiative of including an alum to speak at this event offers both CEU credits and an opportunity to include our alumni in a new way in the College.

The final focal point of the evening is to see first hand how we use the money raised to support the college. As the field of design continues to innovate, so must our programs if we are to continue to turn out creative, prepared, and relevant students upon completion of our programs. In an effort to keep up with technology enabled design, we have used the money raised at this event to create 3 new spaces for our students: 3D print lab, motion capture studio, and digital fabrication lab.


Evening Program Outline:

  • The Gallery doors of Weston Hall open at 5pm on Thursday, March 30th. In addition to a formal exhibit of the design boards,there will be:
  • A gala reception where alumni, students and sponsors will network.
  • An opportunity to recruit students for internships and entry level positions. 
  • Sponsor tables to promote goods and services as well as strengthen relationships with clients and meet new prospects.
  • An evening lecture eligible for CUE credits
  • Awards to top students in each discipline from the work exhibited that evening.