Biology Tour

Tecan Infinite M200 Pro

The Tecan Infinite M200 Pro provides exceptional sensitivity, and allows the user to select any wavelength from UV to NIR, and to perform absorbance, excitation and emission scans. It offers unlimited flexibility for a wide range of biological assays and measurements including: DNA/RNA quantification, protein quanrification, ELISA, immunoassays, fluorescence and luminesecence application etc. The emission wavelength range from 280 to 850 nm and UV Si photodiode absorbance detector provides excellent sensitivity for the wavelength range of 230 – 1,000 nm.




Cary 100/300 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer with Temperature Control

The Cary100/300 double beam UV-Vis, with a working range past 6.0 Abs and resolution better than 0.24 nm, is a research grade instrument with a pre-monochromator. The application of Cary 100/300 including characterization of unknown or newly synthesized compounds, DNA and protein quantification and color measurements and color matching etc. The UV absorbance detector provides excellent sensitivity for the wavelength range of 200-800 nm. The temperature control range of Cary 100/300 is from -10 to 100 ºC.








Malvern Zetasizer Nano Series

The Zetasizer Nano ZS is a high performance two angle particle and molecular size analyzer for the enhanced detection of aggregates and measurement of small or dilute samples, and samples at very low or high concentration using dynamic light scattering. The ZSP also incorporates a zeta potential analyzer that uses electrophoretic light scattering for particles, molecules and surfaces, and a molecular weight analyzer using static light scattering. Molecular size 0.3nm- 10.0 microns (diameter), zeta potential 3.8nm-100 microns (diameter), molecular weight 980Da-20M Da. 







Eppendorf 5810R 15 Amp Centrifuge

Eppendorf 5810R 15 Amp Centrifuge has variable temperature controls, and stands refrigeration. The available temperature ranges are between −9 and + 40 ºC.






Eppendorf 5418 Centrifuge

Eppendorf 5418 Centrifuge is a great companion to the larger 5810R model. It is applied for the treatment of low-volume delicate sample.








Eppendorf Thermomixer-R Dry Block Heating/Cooling Shaker

Eppendorf Thermomixer R is used for the situations that samples require temperature-controlled mixing. It has the option of ten different heating blocks, and offers degrees of variation for each procedure.