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Specializing in Additive Manufacturing & Embedded Computing

The NJIT AddLab specializes in innovation using modern additive manufacturing techniques. Additive manufacturing has changed the way things are produced, bringing down the cost of prototyping, and allowing for novel designs and devices never before possible. We at the AddLab are working on making the promise of additive manufacturing a reality.

We have worked with the United States Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) to help push the development and utilization of Additive Manufacturing by the US Army. We also worked with the Department of Justice on developing a handheld multispectral camera for crime scene investigation. We are currently looking for new partners that could benefit from our expertise and capabilities.

As well as developing innovative manufacturing techniques and devices, we pride ourselves in developing the workforce of the future. We have many opportunities for undergraduate internships, and graduate student research. Contact us to discuss joining our team.