Belfield Research Group Research

Our Research Focus

Our research may be best characterized as biophotonics, photonic materials and molecular engineering. Particular emphasis focuses on the synthesis and characterization of nonlinear optical, photoresponsive, electrostrictive, and magnetostrictive nanostructured materials. Molecular self-assembly and development of new polymer grafting methods are being investigated to prepare stable, highly functionalized polymeric materials.


Biophotonics & Bioimaging

We are developing probes for labeling biological samples and for advanced bioimaging.


Photophysics & Photochemistry

Photodynamic therapy works by injecting patients with light-sensitive cancer-fighting drugs. These chemicals disperse through the patient's entire body but remain inactive until they are activated by light.


High-Density Optical Data Storage

We are pioneering the development of new materials for 3-D lithography and multilayer 3-D optical data storage and displays, resulting in seminal publications in the field and a number of patents.

Functional Materials

We are developing lightweight, high strength polymers and plastics that are increasingly important in a number of medical applications such as, artificial joints, cardiovascular implants, ophthalmological vision correction, surgical aids, and tissue scaffolds. We are also creating macromolecules (i.e., plastics) that change shape when exposed to magnetic fields. These artificial muscles may be used in next-generation miniaturized mechanical devices, like robots.