Our research may be best characterized as biophotonics, photonic materials and molecular engineering. Particular emphasis focuses on the synthesis and characterization of nonlinear optical, photoresponsive, electrostrictive, and magnetostrictive nanostructured materials. Molecular self-assembly and development of new polymer grafting methods are being investigated to prepare stable, highly functionalized polymeric materials.

Title of Patent

Inventor and Documents

Two-photon Absorbing Water-Soluble Fluorescent Probe as a Near-Neutral pH Indicator

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Microwave-assisted Formation of Sulfonium Photoacid Generators

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FRET-Based Two-Photon Three Dimensional Optical Data Storage

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Two-Photon Ternary Optical Data Storage

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Reactive Probes for Multiphoton Fluorescence Imaging

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Photosensitive Polymeric Material for WORM Optical Data Storage with Two-Photon Fluorescent Readout

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Stabilized Luminescent Polymer Composites

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