Introductory Physics Laboratory provides undergraduate students with lab courses (PHYS 102A, 103A, 111A, 202A, 203A and 231A). Each lab course runs for about 2 hours and is held on the fourth floor in Tiernan Hall (room 406 through 409). In the lab course, you will perform lab experiment, collect experimental data, analyze data and write up lab report in order to obtain a better understanding of theory taught in the corresponding physics courses. It is encouraged to read a lab manual before attending your lab class. You can purchase the lab manual from NJIT Bookstore. You will also need to bring a calculator, a pencil and a USB flash drive to store experimental data. In the first class your lab Teaching Assistant (TA) will give you general guideline about physics lab course such as lab experiment schedule, grading policy, safety information, lab report write-up, etc..

There will be 13 Lab experiments in total during a semester. Students perform the experiment in a group of about 4 students and submit the lab report individually to the lab instructor one week later. It is required for each student to write lab report by his/her own effort (do not copy from your partner or any other resources). There is no exam in lab course and the grading (A through D or F) is based on attendance, participation, and lab report. Please refer to the general grading policy of physics lab classes. Therefore, if you miss at least 3 lab experiments, you are very likely to fail the course.

If you missed, or you know that you will miss a lab experiment for reasonable cause, you have an opportunity to have a make-up class by attending another section of a same lab course. Contact both your lab TA and a physics lab staff to obtain approval for the make-up section. In case of serious illness or unavoidable causes for missing a lab course, students must present appropriate documentation to the Dean of Students Office.

Operation of Physics Teaching Lab in Summer 2021 during Pandemic

Please note that all the labs in the first day of classes (5/24 Monday for Summer I and 7/7 Wednesday for Summer II) will be held in remote only through Webex. During the first lab class, each lab instructor will explain how to deliver the converged learning (hybrid of in-person and remote labs) for your physics lab class in detail as well as an introduction of a lab course. In the first day of classes, a lab insturctor will make cohort groups (for example, Cohort A and Cohort B) with a schedule of in-person lab/remote labs for each cohort.

The Physics lab class (PHYS 102A; 103A; 111A; 121A; 202A; 203A; 231A) rquires students to physically be present at in-person labs. There is a process for students, who have health concerns, to be able to do the lab 100% online but the student would need to contact the Office of the Dean of Students for an accommodation.
Email: dos@njit.edu
Website: https://www.njit.edu/dos/

  • If a student has an approved medical accommodation from the Dean of Students, the student can take the lab course online only.
  • If a student does not have an approved medical accommodation, the student has to take both in-person and online labs. Missing an in-person lab will be considered as an absence.
  • Because of the COVID19 issues, the Department will allow students to take the various PHYS lectures without the lab, thus allowing a student to do the lab in a later semester and face-to-face. Please discuss it with your academic advisor.

Safety Guidance for Physics Lab Classes during Pandemic

  1. NJIT Physics Teaching Lab provides PPEs (disposable masks and nitrile gloves, and goggles) for all the students who are taking physics lab classes in summer 2021.
  2. Hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, and disinfecting cleaner sprays are provided in each lab room and always available for physics lab classes. 
  3. All students who are attending a physics lab class (in-person lab) must wear a face mask, a face-shield (or goggles) and gloves during in-person lab class.
  4. Lab instructors should also wear a face mask, a face shield (or goggles) and gloves during the lab class.
  5. Safety Procedure
  • When a student enter a lab room, the student must be wearing a face-mask and sanitize his/her hands using a hand-sanitizer or alcohol wipe available near the door.
  • After sanitizing hands, a student is allowed to take the aforementioned PPEs. 
  • After using any disposable PPEs and wipes, a student should discard them in a designated waste container. Please do not discard them in a general trash can.