Introductory Physics Laboratory provides undergraduate students with lab courses (PHYS 102A, 103A, 111A, 202A, 203A and 231A). Each lab course runs for about 2 hours and is held on the fourth floor in Tiernan Hall (room 406 through 409). In the lab course, you will perform lab experiment, collect experimental data, analyze data and write up lab report in order to obtain a better understanding of theory taught in the corresponding physics courses. It is encouraged to read a lab manual before attending your lab class. You can purchase the lab manual from NJIT Bookstore. You will also need to bring a calculator, a pencil and a USB flash drive to store experimental data. In the first class your lab Teaching Assistant (TA) will give you general guideline about physics lab course such as lab experiment schedule, grading policy, safety information, lab report write-up, etc..

There will be 13 Lab experiments in total during a semester. Students perform the experiment in a group of about 4 students and submit the lab report individually to the lab instructor one week later. It is required for each student to write lab report by his/her own effort (do not copy from your partner or any other resources). There is no exam in lab course and the grading (A through D or F) is based on attendance, participation, and lab report. Please refer to the general grading policy of physics lab classes. Therefore, if you miss at least 3 lab experiments, you are very likely to fail the course.

If you missed, or you know that you will miss a lab experiment for reasonable cause, you have an opportunity to have a make-up class by attending another section of a same lab course. Contact both your lab TA and a physics lab staff to obtain approval for the make-up section. In case of serious illness or unavoidable causes for missing a lab course, students must present appropriate documentation to the Dean of Students Office.