Physics Laboratory Safety

  1. Food and drink are not permitted during class in the lab at any time.
  2. Do not come in the lab early unless the instructor is present.
  3. Do not wear loose hair or clothing around moving equipment.
  4. Wear safety glasses during a lab experiment.
  5. Do not set equipment too close to the edge of the table.
  6. Do not activate any circuit or apparatus until the instructor inspects it.
  7. Never touch a possibly live circuit and Do not touch electrical equipment with wet hands.
  8. Only use laboratory equipment for the instructional purpose for which they were intended.
  9. Never look directly in the beam of a laser and light from a lamp used for the experiment.
  10. All trash and waste materials should be disposed of in the proper container. Do not pour chemicals into the laboratory sink.
  11. Do not short the electrical leads on any equipment.
  12. Any equipment except computer not in use should be turned off.
  13. Do not take apart any apparatus or piece of equipment.
  14. All damaged equipment and chemical spills should be immediately reported to the laboratory instructor.
  15. Accidents and emergencies must be immediately reported to the laboratory instructor. (Emergency call number: 9-1-1)
  16. Never remove any computer components (especially the mouse and keyboard).
  17. Do not shut down or turn on (or log in) the computer unless instructed to do so by the lab instructor.
  18. Leave your lab station neat, clean and organized at the end of each lab period.
  19. Be aware that fire extinguishers are located in Rooms of 406T and 407T.

NJIT General Laboratory Safety Guideline

Mercury Spill Procedure