Research Group Members

Alexei Khalizov (PI)

Alex received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Bashkir State University (Ufa, Russia) in 1994 and his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the Ufa Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1997. He started research in Atmospheric Chemistry during his NATO/NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship at McGill University, where he investigated the oxidation of atmospheric elemental mercury. Later, he studied the optical properties and homogeneous freezing of supercooled water droplets as a Research Associate at the University of Waterloo and the formation and impacts of atmospheric aerosols as an Assistant Research Scientist at Texas A&M University. The central aim of his current research is to understand the chemical transformations and environmental impacts of atmospheric pollutants, including aerosol nanoparticles and mercury.

PhD students

  • Egor Demidov (Chemistry)
  • Mohammad Borna Bahramsari (Chemistry) 
Undergraduate students
  • John Michael Cristobal (Computer Engineering) 
  • Laila Nashir (Chemistry)

High school students


Past members

Visiting Professor

Dr. Chong Qiu (University of New Haven, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering)

PhD students

  • Ella Ivanova (Chemical Engineering, advised by Gennady Gor), co-advisor, 2019-2024, became Postdoctoral researcher at University of California at Riverside
  • Ali Hasani (Chemistry), 2018-2022, became Postdoctoral Researcher at the US Food and Drug Administration
  • Na Mao (Environmental Science), 2017-2022, became Postdoctoral Researcher at University of California - Davis
  • Ogochukwu Enekwizu (Chemical Engineering), 2017-2020, became Postdoctoral Researcher at Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Francisco Guzman (Chemical Engineering, advised by Joseph Bozzelli), 2017-2018, co-advisor, became Research Scientist at NASA Glenn Center
  • Duyen Nguyen (Chemical Engineering), 2018-2019, went to Central Michigan University
  • Matthew Cooper (NJIT, Applied Physics), 2016-2017
  • Qize Zhang (NJIT, Chemistry), 2014-2016, went to City University of New York

Visiting PhD students

  • Chao Chen (Nanjing Institute of Information Science and Technology, advised by Yan Ma), 2015-2017, became lecturer at Chengdu University of Information Technology
  • Xiaolong Fan (Nanjing Institute of Information Science and Technology, advised by Mindong Chen), 2014-2015, became Postdoctoral Researcher at Beijing University

Master project

  • Xiaokai Zhang (Chemistry), 2018
  • Neil Shah (NJIT, Environmental Science), 2017
  • Adil Malik (NJIT, Chemistry), 2014

OPT training

  • Xuanming Zhang (NJIT, Civil and Environmental Engineering), 2014
  • Qize Zhang (NJIT, Chemistry), 2014

Undergraduate students

  • Zayd Shaikh (Electrical Engineering), 2024
  • Joel Duzha (Chemistry), 2024, became a PhD student at University of California at Santa Barbara
  • Egor Demidov (Chemical Engineering), 2023, became a PhD student at NJIT
  • Filip Niemiec (Computer Engineering), 2023, became Embedded Systems Engineer at Naval Nuclear Laboratory
  • Divjyot Singh (Math, Physics), 2022, became researcher at Los Alamos National Lab
  • Mary McGuinness (Chemistry), 2020, now at University of Connecticut
  • John Antley (Environmental Science), 2019, now at TRC Inc.
  • Anuradha Kadam (Architecture), 2019, now at Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Elizabeth Wolfe (Biochemistry), 2019
  • Nicholas Couper (Environmental Science), 2018, now at AECOM FIELD SERVICES, LLC
  • Shivam Kanbur (NJIT, Environmental Science), 2017
  • Audreyana Brown-Nash (University of New Haven, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering), 2017
  • Yo Ng (University of New Haven, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering), 2017
  • Nicholas Gorlewski (NJIT, Chemistry), 2016-2017, now at Prudential
  • Dawid Lazar (NJIT, Chemical Engineering), 2015-2016
  • Tasneem Shaltout (NJIT, Honors College, Biochemistry, Provost Undergraduate Summer Scholarship), 2016
  • Prarthana Rajai (NJIT, Honors College, Chemical Engineering), 2016
  • Kevin Suter (NJIT, Mechanical Engineering), 2015
  • Ross Cohen (NJIT, Physics), 2014-2015
  • Ali Sajat Asani (NJIT, Chemistry), 2014
  • Nevin Mathew (NJIT, Chemistry), 2014
  • Tarek Adam (NJIT, Chemistry), 2014
  • Joseph Dawson (University of North Alabama), 2014

High school students

  • Catherine Gan (Morristown High School), 2023
  • Noah Goodey (Livingston High School), 2023
  • Vinav Shah (Pingry High School), 2023
  • Alexander Huang (West Windsor Plainsboro High School South), 2022
  • Aashish Codada (Edison Academy), 2021-2022, now at John Hopkins University
  • Vinav Shah (Pingry High School), 2022
  • Laurence Lu (Bergen County Academies), 2019-2020, now at Berkley University
  • Matthew Flesihman (Magnet Union County Technical Vocational School), 2019, now at New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Ian Gurland (Westfield High School), 2019, now at Brown University
  • Lesly Mejia (Union City High School), 2019
  • Bernice Owusu (Irvington High School, 2019, now at the Muhlenberg College
  • Ian Gurland (Westfield High School), 2018
  • Asma Khan (Livingston High School), 2018
  • Zachary Xue (Livingston High School), 2018
  • Jaime Mendoza (Union City High School), 2017
  • Andrew Mah (Peddie School), 2017
  • John Klikushin (Union County Magnet High School), 2017
  • Abdul-Muiz Yusuff (North Star Academy), 2016-2017
  • Kemal Aziz (Staten Island Technical High School), 2015-2016
  • Jakub Goclon (Staten Island Technical High School), 2015-2016
  • Catherine McNamara (Bergen County Technical High School), 2016
  • Abraham Kupperman (Bergen County Technical High School), 2016
  • Jaime Mendoza (Union City High School), 2016  
  • Andrea Hammond (North Star Academy), 2015-2016
  • Shaima Parveen (Livingston High School), 2015
  • Jenni Kustanovich (Tenafly High School), 2015
  • Neida Rios (Union City High School), 2015
  • Andrew Goldman (Livingston High School), 2014
  • Julie McEldoon (Livingston High School), 2014
  • Thomas Eisenberg (Tenafly High School), 2014