The Khalizov Research Group studies the chemical transformations and environmental impacts of atmospheric pollutants, including aerosol nanoparticles and mercury. 

We conduct experiments to understand the chemical and physical processes involving molecules and aerosol particles in the atmosphere. We use calculations to corroborate our experimental results. We develop instrumentation for the detection and analysis of trace chemicals and aerosol particles in laboratory and field measurements. 

Group photo, October 2023. Left to right: Alex Khalizov, Laila Nashir, Joel Duzha, Zayd Shaikh, Borna Bahramsari, and Egor Demidov.


Group photo, July 2018. Left to right. Front: Elizabeth Wolfe, Anuradha Kadam, Na Mao, Mary McGuinness, Duyen Nguyen, and Ogo Enekwizu. Back: John Antley, Divjyot Singh, Alex Khalizov, and Ali Hasani.


Group photo, July 2018. Left to right: Zach Xue, Ian Gurland, Asma Khan, Mao Na (sitting), Anu Kadam (sitting), Alex Khalizov, John Antley, Francisco Guzman, Ogo Enekwizu (Photo by Nick Corrente)

Group photo, June 2017. Left to right: Alex Khalizov, John Klikushin, Andrew Mah, John Antley, Ogo Enekwizu, Matt Cooper, Chong Qiu, and Jaime Mendoza