Cooperation with Industry

MFC serves as an interface between university and industry. Partnership with companies on various microfabrication projects allows research ideas to evolve into commercialization and put students working on such projects in direct contacts with their potential future employers. This partnership helps also the MFC staff to keep up microfabrication processing technique and equipment at a level aligned with industrial demand. 

  • MFC has served more than 70 companies among witch are: Lucent Technologies, Hewlett Packard, Dupont, Allied-Signal, AT&T, BF Goodrich, Corning, Amkor Electronics, Motorola, David Sarnoff, Sony.
  • Small and medium high-tech businesses in the Tristate Area are partnering with MFC for the using the MFC facilities and expertise. The MFC staff is specializing in fast prototyping of micro-devices that helps companies to develop and commercialize their products.  
  • Nonlinear optical second harmonic generators have been developed jointly by NJIT & Deltronic Crystal, Inc.
  • Solar cell arrays based on poly-crystalline silicon wafers have been developed jointly with Evergreen Solar, Inc.
  • The MFC has developed partnerships with small businesses from the NJIT Science Park.