Education Program

The main goal of the education programs at MFC is to enhance and expand the existing at NJIT interdisciplinary training of undergraduate and graduate students in the field of micro- and nano-fabrication technologies. The ISO-4 (Class-10) cleanroom facility makes NJIT unique among other US universities.  The facility allows existing didactic and facility capabilities at NJIT to take new dimensions in the interdisciplinary training programs. Formal interdisciplinary courses at various NJIT departments involving micro-device design is combined with state-of-the-art research seminars and Cleanroom training on bulk and surface micro-fabrication and nano-technologies.

  • More than 100 NJIT graduate students form ECE, Physics, ME, CES, and BME have used the MFC clean-room for their research projects in the past 10 years.
  • MFC’s cleanroom staff and facilities have been involved in numerous research grants led by faculty from ME, ECE, CES, Physics, and BME Departments.
  • Undergraduate classes of Nano-technology Studio (BME) and Science and Technology of Thin Films (MTSE) are taught in the Class-10 cleanroom.
  • MFC together with BME Department led the BioMEMS Summer Bioengineering Institute funded jointly by NSF and NIH.
  • Graduate students form NJIT, Rutgers University, Columbia University, Stevens Institute of Technology, Princeton University have worked in the MFC clean-room facilities.