ISO-4 Cleanroom


The microelectronics fabrication center has two state-of-art cleanrooms ISO 14644-1: ISO 4 and ISO 6 with size 1200 sq ft and 400 sq ft.



Karl Suss MA-6 Aligner for high resolution contact  photolithography with front and back side alignment using back side IR illumination. The exposure lamp which is super pressure mercury short arc lamp has spectral lines of 365nm and 405nm. The light intensity is 5mw/cm2 at 365nm and 10mw/cm2 at 405nm.The aligner is equipped with a splitfield microscope with 3.5x, 10x and 15x objectives for high precision alignment. It is suitable for irregular shaped substrate and pieces of different thickness as well as standard wafers up to 6 inch diameter. It has variety of mask holders for 4, 5, 6 and 7 inch masks.

Headway Research Inc spinner and controller for photoresist coating.

Fisher Scientific, VWR Hot Plates and Precision Gravity Control Ovens with Digi-Sense temperature controller for photoresist soft baking and hard baking.

Oxidation & Diffusion Furnaces

BTU Bruce 7351 diffusion furnaces for thermal process like dry oxidation, wet oxidation and annealing.

Thin Film Deposition

Plasma Therm 790 PECVD for low stress silicon nitride and silicon oxide deposition.

Varian 3125 DC S-Gun metal sputtering system for sputter deposition of  various metals. It has two dc magnetrons for 5 inch targets. It has a dc power supply with 1000V and 10A maximum rating.

Temescal VES-2550 e-beam evaporator for various metals and alloys film deposition. It has 3 pockets for 15cc-25cc crucibles. It has a dc power supply with 10kV and 1A maximum rating.

Dry Etching

RIE-Phantom Reactive Ion etcher for silicon dioxide, silicon nitride, silicon, polysilicon,  photoresists,  and  polyimides.

DRIE-Plasma Therm SLR Series ICP etcher for high aspect ratio silicon etching using standard Bosch process.

Wafer Bonding

Electronic Vision, EV 501S Wafer Bonder and Electronic Vision EV 420 Bond Aligner for wafer bonding in vacuum with or without alignment.

Wet Etching

JST Custom Fabrication Wet Chemical Stations for Aluminum, Silicon nitride and silicon oxide etching

Wet Cleaning

JST Custom Fabrication wet chemical stations for M-pyrol, piranha and HF cleaning

Semi tool Inc spin dryers for dryers for 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch wafers.

Ultratech Corporation Substrate Scrubber for mask and substrate cleaning.

Centralized DI water system for high resistivity 18MΩ-cm DI water.

Bulk liquid nitrogen 1500 gallon capacity tank in the basement for centralized nitrogen gas. It is equipped with filling station to fill liquid nitrogen in small tanks.


Veeco DektakIIA contact profilometer for step height and surface roughness measurement. It can measure film thickness from 200Å to 65.5 micron with a 5 Å vertical resolution.

Nanometrics NANOSPEC 4150 Automated Film Thickness Measurement System. The film thickness measurement range is 150Å to 75micron. The optional UV system allows measurement to 25 Å.

Rudolf Research Auto EL Elliposometer with Helium-Neon laser at single wavelength of 632.8 nm for single layer and double layer film thickness and index of refraction measurements. It can also measure optical constant of bare substrate such as silicon.  

Veeco EPP5000 Four Point Probe Resistivity Measurement System It is equipped  with microprocessor based electronics to permit direct measurement of V/I, sheet or slice resistivity, metallization thickness and n-p type testing.

Olympus, Leitz and Nikon optical microscopes for wafer inspection. Leitz microscope is equipped with camera and monitor.