Microfabrication Processes


High resolution contact photolithography available with front and back side alignment resolution 1.5um and alignment accuracy 0.5um. Photolithography processes available for various photoresists like shipley 1800 series positive photoresists, AZ4000-9000Series positive photo resists, and SU-8 Series negative photoresists.

Thermal Oxidation 

Dry oxidation processes available at temperatures 950oC to 1050oC oxide thickness up to 0.5 micron. Steam/wet oxidation processes available at temperatures 950oC to 1050oC oxide thickness up to 1.0 micron.

Thermal Annealing 

Annealing processes available at temperatures 400oC to 1100oC for nitrogen and forming gas ambient.

Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition 

Low stress silicon nitride and silicon oxide and deposition processes available at 350-450oC. PECVD gases SiH4, NH3, N2O, He, and N2.

Dry Etching Standard

RIE processes for silicon, silicon dioxide, silicon nitride, polyimides, and photoresists. RIE gases O2, CF4, SF6, CHF3, and N2,

Deep Reactive Ion Etching 

Standards Bosch process avaiable for deep etching of silicon typical aspect ratio 40:1. DRIE gases SF6, C4F8, O2, N2, He, and Ar.

Wafer Bonding 

Direct bonding processes available for silicon to silicon bonding at room temperature and 1000 Newton. Anodic bonding processes avaiable for silicon to glass bonding at 450oC and 1000Volts. Bonding can be done with 0.5 micron alignment accuracy.


Sputtering process available for aluminum and tantalum. Film has excellent adhesion film thickness up to 0.5 micron.  E-beam evaporation process available for most of the metals used in industry thickness up to 0.5 micron.

Wet Cleaning 

M-pyrol primary and secondary cleaning at 90oC, Piranha cleaning at 110oC. DI water rinse for 10 minutes after each cleaning process.

Wet Etching 

Aluminum etch at 45oC, Silicon nitride etch at 170oC, HF 49% Etch, BOE 6:1 Etch, HF 100:1 Etch, Hot KOH for anisotropic etching of silicon at 80oC. . DI water rinse for 10 minutes after each etching process.