Principal Investigator

Dr. Jonathan Grasman

Postdoctoral Research: Tufts University, 2015-2019
Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2015
B.S. Bioengineering, University of Pittsburgh, 2008

Favorite Food: Okonomiyaki or chicken parmesan
Fun Fact: I lived in Mongolia for a summer


Graduate Students


Natalie Kozan

Degree Pursuing: PhD

B.S. Biomedical Engineering, NJIT 2020

Area of Research: I am researching biomaterial scaffolds to facilitate skeletal muscle regeneration for the healing of volumetric muscle loss.

Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese

Fun Fact: A random fact about me is that I love cooking and baking!





Syndnee Sicherer

Degree Pursuing: PhD

B.S. Biomedical Engineering, NJIT 2020

M.S. Biomedical Engineering, NJIT 2021

Area of Research: I am researching how variations in scaffold materials (bulk and ECM components) will impact myoblast growth and differentiation into myotubes.

Favorite Food: Brisket

Fun Fact: I've been behind the scenes of three Broadway plays.



Jarin Tsunim

Degree Pursuing: PhD 

B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, BUET, 2018

Area of Research: Design and Fabrication of single and multi-channel hollow collagen tubes to observe axonal growth and how it replicates in the peripheral nervous system.

Favorite Food: Pizza, Kabab, and Ice-cream

Fun Fact: I love to sing and paint.      




Satyaj Awasthi

Degree Pursuing: PhD 

B.S. Chemical Engineering, Malaviya National Institute of Technology, 2020

M.S. Biomedical Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology, 2023

Area of Research: Research on developing a decellularized skeletal muscle hydrogel for creating neuromuscular junctions
and incorporating biochemical cues to facilitate VML recovery.

Favorite Food: Spaghetti Alfredo 

Fun Fact: I enjoy playing guitar, scuba diving and im an intermediate-level in Muay Thai.


Undergraduate Students


Sean Caswell                                                                                                                      Sheetal Padhi

Major: Biomedical Engineering                                                                  Major: Biomedical Engineering

Graduation Year: 2024                                                                                         Graduation Year: 2024

Research: Volumetric tissue                                                                 Research: PNS models of neural
regeneration                                                                                   regeneration within collagen hydrogels

Favorite Food: Shawarma                                                                      Favorite Food: Chicken Biryani

Fun Fact: I played ice hockey for                                                                     Fun Fact: Nothing gets me 
13 years and love to drum.                                                                                               like a good book!




Faith Adams                                                                                                                          Nyssa Nixon

Major: Biomedical Engineering                                                                                            Major: Biology

Graduation Year: 2026                                                                                         Graduation Year: 2026

Research: Cross-linked collagen scaffolds                           Research: Peripheral nerve regeneration

Favorite Food: Broccoli and Cheese                                                         Favorite Food: Spam Musubi

Fun Fact: I also have a Youtube channel                  Fun Fact: I do graphic design as a boredom hobby.
where I post movie reviews!                                                                      


Peter Kutuzov                                                                                                                     Shreyas Bolla

Major: Biochemistry                                                                                               Major: Biology (BA/MD)

Graduation Year: 2024                                                                                          Graduation Year: 2026

Research: In vitro models of peripheral                                   Research: Developing a bioactive scaffold 
nerve regeneration.                                                                                   for skeletal muscle regeneration.

Favorite Food: Borscht                                                                             Favorite Food: Chicken Biryani

Fun Fact: I'm a triplet.                                                Fun Fact: I always take exams with 3 pencils on my
                                                                                                                                         desk for good luck.



Yash Parikh                                                                                                             Shree Shruthi Sankar

Major: Biology                                                                                            Major: Biomedical Engineering

Graduation Year: 2025                                                                                         Graduation Year: 2027

Research: Myoblast growth                                                              Research: ECM extraction for tissue
and alignment                                                                                                                          regeneration.

Favorite Food: Eggplant Parmesan                                                Favorite Food: Chicken and noodles.

Fun Fact: I have gone skydiving.                                            Fun Fact: I did Martial Arts for 4 years and 
                                                                                                                                      earned a black belt.



Noor Haque                                                                                                                  Marlin Abdelmasih

Major: Mechanical Engineering                                                                                            Major: Biology

Graduation Year: 2026                                                                                          Graduation Year: 2025

Research: Myofiber growth and alignment                                Research: Enhance muscle regeneration 
                                                                                                                                                       after VML

Favorite Food: Pasta and Butter Chicken                                                            Favorite Food: Nachos

Fun Fact: I have two cats named                                                          Fun Fact: I have two birds named
Samwise and Frodo.                                                                                                           Doritos and Sky.



Sandra Raju, MS (Biomedical Engineering), Effects of mechanical stimulation on myoblasts

Drew Diel, MS (Biomedical Engineering), Effect of endothelial cells when seeded into collagen gel channels

Simone Bishara (Biochemistry), Biomaterial scaffolds for muscle regeneration

Karthik Budharaju (Biology, Accelerated BA/MD), Role of extracellular matrix proteins in determining neurite growth

Neeraja Dave (Biomedical Engineering), Investigating alignment of myoblasts within ECM-hydrogels

Jasmine Guliani (Biomedical Engineering, BS/MD), Skeletal muscle regeneration

Shaikh Hassan (Biomedical Engineering), CNS models of neural regeneration within collagen hydrogels

Hans Pocholo B. Hugo (Biomedical Engineering), Collagen-fibrin composite materials

Aman Mittal (Biomedical Engineering), Silk-collagen composite hydrogels

Vivian Ojeda (Biomedical Engineering), Muscle Regeneration

Milan Patel (Biomedical Engineering), Biomimetic scaffolds for skeletal muscle regeneration

Selma Shifa (Biomedical Engineering), Maintenance and long-term methods for myoblast hydrogel culture

Adrian Sudol (Biomedical Engineering), Investigation of the effects of fibroblasts on axonal growth and repair

Rashmi Venkatarama (Biomedical Engineering), Exercise models that enhance reinnervation

Juliana Yang (Biomedical Engineering), Endothelial cell growth in microfluidic collagen hydrogels

Noah N. Youssef (Biomedical Engineering, BS/MD), Skeletal Muscle Regeneration