Center for Ethics and Responsible Research

Focusing on cutting-edge transdisciplinary research in ethics and ethics education, CER2 aims to develop a recognizable NJIT brand of ethical and responsible research.

J. Britt Holbrook, Associate Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, serves as the Director of CER2. Holbrook also serves as the co-Chair of NJIT’s Institutional Review Board.

CER2 will help to instill a culture of ethical and responsible research in both NJIT faculty and students. Faculty teach students about ethical and responsible research not only through standalone ethics courses, but also by modeling ethical behavior in their own research and practice. Students are our future researchers, professionals, and practicing engineers, and educating them in ethical and responsible research – via both direct and indirect instruction – will have broad impacts on society. Much of CER2’s research will focus on how well we teach our students ethical and responsible research practices. CER2 will promote experiential learning via experimental pedagogical approaches and help develop the means to evaluate those approaches. CER2 faculty also work on policy for ethical and responsible research and education.