Blast Generation

28 in by 28 in Square Shock Tube

Purpose: Generate field-relevant blast-shock profile in the study of shock-structure interactions and the effect of shock pulse on headforms and post mortem human specimen.

Capabilities: The pressure measurements can be done through this shock tube from 20 kPa up to 275 kPa (This range is indicated for incident pressure measurements). 

Both shock tubes have an adjustable test section option. In addition, multiple membranes (Mylar membranes) and different kinds of driver gases (He, N, Air) can be used in the experiments.

Each trial and experiment is always documented in detail. (The image below is from one our eyewear experiments.) The data is acquired by NI PXIe-6366 data acquisition module. It has 8 simultaneous analog inputs at 2 MS/s/ch with 16 bit resolution, 16 MS/s AI throughput. In addition, it provides 2 analog outputs 3.33 MS/s, 16 bit resolution ±10 V.