Sorting Categories

  1. Solid state materials and Applied Physics (Metals, Dielectrics, Semiconductors)
  2. Magnetism
  3. Superconductivity
  4. Nanostructures, Thin Films, and Spintronics
  5. Focused Session on Quantum Materials
  6. Polymer Physics and Soft Condensed Matter
  7. Fluids
  8. Chemical and Molecular Physics
  9. Molecular and Cellular Biophysics
  10. Biomaterials and Medical Engineering
  11. Renewable Energy Research and Devices
  12. Optical, Atomic, and Molecular Physics
  13. Laser Physics, Imaging, and Remote Sensing
  14. Astrophysics, Gravitational Physics, and Cosmology
  15. Space Physics, Plasma Physics, Solar-Terrestrial Physics, and Physics of Climate
  16. High Energy and Particle Physics
  17. Focused Session on Physics Educational Research, Policy, and Administration
  18. Undergraduate and K-12 Research