Presentation Information


  • Poster exhibitors will have between 6:15 pm and 6:30 pm on Saturday, November 4th 2017 to set up their digital poster in the Poster Session area: Ballroom A and Ballroom B. Exhibitors should find their numbered locations. 
  • Undergraduate and graduate student exhibitors should self-identify at the on-site Registration Table if they wish to be considered for a Best Poster Prize.
  • The poster session will run from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm on November 4th. Poster exhibitors should be on hand for most of that time, although they are excused for a brief visit to the recruitment fair or refreshment stand.
  • The Organizers of this Meeting decided to use DIGITAL POSTERS for all submitted Poster presentations.
  • There will be no paper, no easels. Presenters will have a 42" monitor with the 16:9 aspect ratio. VGA and full-HDMI cables will be provided to connect the monitors to Presenter’s notebooks. Presenters are recommended to prepare a PowerPoint show with 5-7 slides. In this case you can have a full control of your presentation. The first slide, which should be projected most of the time, should be the most general with the Presenter’s name, title, and affiliation. Other slides can be used during discussions with visitors.
  • An alternative, or backup approach for poster presentation, is to bring a dedicated memory stick with your presentation saved as a sequence of JPG files. Suh files can be projected without a notebook using an USB port of the monitor, but a Presenter won’t have any control of the presentation that will continue running in a loop show all the time.  This method was not verified by the Organizers who cannot guaranty compatibility with every monitor.
  • See the attached picture of Slava Sadykov, an Applied Physics PhD Student presenting his digital poster in April 2017, which is an example of a previous digital Poster Session at NJIT. 


  • Contributed: 10 minutes for presentation,
    2 minutes for questions
  • Invited: 30 minutes for presentation,
    6 minutes for questions
  • Plenary: 50 minutes for presentation,
    10 minutes for questions


Judging Criteria for Student Poster Competition

Content (40 points)

  • Objective stated (10 points)
  • Significance/Relevance stated (5 points)
  • Project design and execution explained (15 points)
  • Interpretation of results included (10 points)

Display/Visuals (30 Points)

  • Clarity of illustrations, graphics, figures, photos, etc. (15 points)
  • Spelling, grammar, sentence structure, lack of excessive jargon (5 points)
  • Ability to be understood by general audience without comment (10 points)

Oral Presentation/Discussion (30 Points)

  • Clarity of presentation (recommended 5 minutes) (10 points)
  • Ability to answer questions (10 points)
  • Effective use of materials on poster during presentation (10 points)