Colloquium Speaker: Dr. Judith (Judy) Karpen      

After receiving her PhD in 1980 from the University of Maryland, Dr. Karpen worked for NRL: first as a postdoc, then as a staff scientist. She has been a research astrophysicist in the Space Weather Laboratory, Heliophysics Science Division, NASA/GSFC, since 2008. She became the Chief of the Space Weather Laboratory in 2012. Her primary research interests include analytical and numerical modeling of dynamic solar and heliospheric phenomena, and applications of plasma physics and magnetohydrodynamics to solar and heliospheric activity. Her current research is focused on solar prominences, coronal mass ejections/eruptive flares, coronal/heliospheric jets, and magnetic reconnection. She has been a PI or Co-I in research sponsored by NASA’s Heliophysics Theory Program, Heliophysics SR program, Heliophysics Guest Investigator programs, LWS TR&T program, Internal Science Funding Model, and High Performance Computing and Communications Program. In addition, she has served as a PI or Co-I on numerous grants of computer time under the DoD High Performance Computing Modernization and the NASA High End Computing programs.

Dr. Karpen is a member of the American Astronomical Society, Solar Physics Division; the International Astronomical Union; and the American Geophysical Union. She has served on numerous NASA, NSF, and NAS advisory/review committees; AAS, AAS/SPD, and AGU committees and elected positions; and as a reviewer for journals including ApJ, A&A, Nature, and Solar Physics.