Key Faculty

Institute Director

Haimin Wang
Distinguished Professor, Physics
Chief Scientist, Big Bear Solar Observatory
Director, Space Weather Research Laboratory 

His research is on the solar atmosphere and solar activity, as well as space weather research and prediction.


Institute Coordinator

​Elena Moise
Space Scientist





Key Members

College of Science and Liberal Arts

Wenda Cao
Professor, Physics
Director, Big Bear Solar Observatory (BBSO)

He is a leading expert in developing solar observing instruments. 

Bin Chen
Associate Professor, Physics

His research has focused on solar flares and coronal mass ejections, largest explosions in the solar system that can affect our Earth and near-Earth environment, known as space weather.

Dale Gary
Distinguished Professor, Physics
Director, Owens Valley Solar Array (OVSA)

He is an internationally recognized leading expert in solar radio instrumentation and research.

Andrew Gerrard
Professor, Physics
Director, Center for Solar-Terrestrial Research (CSTR) 

His interests involve the investigation of the transfer of energy into, and subsequent synoptic effects within, the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

Satoshi Inoue
Assistant Professor, Physics

His primary interests are numerical modeling of the solar coronal magnetic fields, solar storms (flares and CMEs), and nonlinear MHD of the solar plasma, and also astronomical plasma.

Ju Jing
Research Professor, Physics

Her research focuses on the phenomena of solar activity and the associated solar magnetic field evolution.

Hyomin Kim 
Assistant Professor, Physics

His research is in the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

Alexander Kosovichev
Professor, Physics
Director, Center for Computational Heliophysics 

Expertise: solar physics, helioseismology, solar observations from space and ground-based observatories, data analysis, stellar astrophysics, numerical simulations, and modeling.

Louis J. Lanzerotti
Distinguished Research Professor
Member of US National Academy

His principal research interests have included space plasmas, geophysics, and engineering problems related to the impacts of atmospheric and space processes and the space environment on space and terrestrial technologies.

Jeongwoo Lee
Research Professor, Physics

His research interests include solar magnetic fields, solar high-energy electrons, space plasma, and space weather.

Gareth Perry
Assistant Professor, Physics

His research focuses on plasma dynamics and morphology in the high-latitude ionosphere, and space weather effects on the near-Earth geospace system.

Ying Wu College of Computing

Chase Wu
Professor, Computer Science
Director, Center for Big Data 

Research expertise: big data, data-intensive computing, parallel and distributed computing, high-performance networking, large-scale scientific visualization, wireless sensor networks, cybersecurity.

Jason Wang
Professor, Computer Science
Director, Data and Knowledge Engineering Laboratory

Research expertise: big data analytics, machine learning, deep learning, image processing, databases and cyberinfrastructure for space weather forecasting and solar data mining.

Chengjun Liu
Professor, Computer Science

Prof. Liu's area of expertise is in computer vision, pattern recognition, image and video analysis, machine learning, and AI in general.

Vincent Oria
Professor, Computer Science

Research expertise: multimedia databases, spatio-temporal databases and recommender systems.

David A. Bader
Distinguished Professor, Computer Science
Director, Institute for Data Science

He is a leading expert in data science and high performance computing for solving large-scale real-world applications in science and engineering.

Guiling (Grace) Wang
Professor, Computer Science
Associate Dean for Research, Ying Wu College of Computing

Her research interests include applied deep learning, blockchain technologies, intelligent transportation, and mobile computing.   

Martin Tuchman School of Management

Dantong Yu
Associate Professor

His research interests include data mining, machine learning, high-performance data analytics, and high-speed network.