Colloquium Speaker:    Dr.  Daniela Lacatus
High Altitude Observatory (HAO)

Dr. Daniela Lacatus received her PhD in 2019 from Monash University, Australia. She then joined HAO|NCAR as an Advanced Study Program fellow. Her work focuses on understanding a variety of quiescent and flaring chromospheric phenomena, using spectroscopy, data analysis, and atomic physics. Dr. Lacatus is also interested in how the solar chromospheric emission relates to the overlying coronal and underlying photospheric structures.

Dr. Lacatus is actively involved in educating the new generation. She has mentored students through the Boulder REU program. She is actively involved in developing early career centered activities at NCAR. Dr. Lacatus is regularly participating in K12 and outreach activities around Boulder and is regularly holding meeting with K12 classes at schools nationwide through programs such as Skype a Scientist.