Title and Abstract

Title:  High Resolution Observations of Solar Flares

Abstract:   In recent years, the operation of 1-meter class solar telescopes have advanced the understanding of solar activity. In particular, the Adaptive Optics equipped 1.6-meter Goode Solar Telescope (GST) at Big Bear Solar Observatory provides observations of with a spatial resolution in the order of 100km. I review some recent fundamental discoveries using these high resolution observations, including:  (1) Flare ribbon fronts, as well as  pre- and  post-flare loops are in the scale of about 100 km. The injection flare electron flux should increase substantially comparing to the results from lower resolution  RHESSI observations.  (2) In He10830, flare front may appear as narrow dark front, indicating the effect of collisional ionization.  (3) Irreversible/rapid photospheric magnetic structures are detected such as formation of new penumbra, rapid sunspot rotation and sudden transvers field orientation change.  (4) Filament eruptions may consist of rising of many small scale threads, corresponding to small scale brightening in chromosphere.