News & Events

January, 2021

Jarin Tusnim joins the TIMM lab as a PhD student from Bangladesh. Welcome!

Sydnee Sicherer recieves the NJIT Provost Doctoral Award to complete her PhD at NJIT. She will start this award in the Fall.


October, 2020

Congratulations to Shaikh Hassan and Karthik Budharaju for receiving Fall 2020 URI Seed Grants from NJIT!

Dr. Grasman gave a seminar at Temple University Department of Bioengineering

July, 2020

First paper from the lab has been ACCEPTED! Check it out on the Publications tab! Congratulations again to Sydnee and Rashmi!

June, 2020

Natalie Kozan joins the TIMM lab as a PhD student and Sydnee Sicherer joins as a MS student. Welcome to you both!

First paper from the lab has been submitted! An invited review on the state of the field for animal models for volumetric muscle loss. Great work, Sydnee and Rashmi!

January, 2020

New year, and lab equipment has finally started to arrive! The TIMM lab will soon be fully operational!


August, 2019

Dr. Grasman joins the Biomedical Engineering Department at NJIT, and establishes the Tissue Engineering and Muscle Mimetic Laboratory.