Instrument Usage Seed Grant

​We are pleased to introduce Faculty Instrument Usage Seed Grant (FIUSG) from the Otto York Center and the Materials Characterization Lab. NJIT “2020 Vision” strategic plan targets substantial increase in academic research and external funding. The purpose of this seed grant is to promote research across campus by providing free instrument time to obtain preliminary results that we hope will lead to the development of new ideas and grant proposals. The FIUSG initiative also aims to support the launch of new initiatives in core and interdisciplinary emerging areas aligned with NJIT’s strategic interests.

Faculty Instrument Usage Seed Grant Research(pdf) 


Eligibility and Type of Awards: Any NJIT faculty with specific research ideas to develop externally funded research proposals may apply to the FIUSG program. The grant will include training for graduate students (and postdoctoral fellows), and instrument usage. Priority will be given to proposals from faculty members that are in between grants and projects that need preliminary results to complete the development of new proposals. It is expected that several awards will awarded on a rolling basis and every effort will be made to accommodate as many projects as possible. 

Deadlines: There is no deadline for these awards. Instrument time will be provided on an “as available” basis for a pre-specified level of usage for this academic year. 

Review Process and Criterion: All proposals will be peer reviewed by faculty and York Center staff. Review criterion includes the significance of the project, the need for the usage of specific instruments, potential short and long term outcome in terms of development of new proposals, and the proposed York Center budget to be included in future proposals. 

Other Requirements: Faculty receiving FIUSG awards are expected to submit a full proposal to a funding agency within six months and we request that an appropriate amount for York Center Usage be included in the budget. Investigators are also requested to acknowledge the York Center in their publications. 

Proposal Format: A short and concise proposal can be submitted by filing out the proposal form given below. Please email your proposals to Dr. Somenath Mitra (

Instrument Usage Proposal Form.doc

Instrument Usage Proposal Form.pdf