Open House for AFM Workshop (March 31, 2022)




Open House for Particle Size Analysis Workshop (March 23, 2022)




Open House for TEM Workshop (March 9, 2022)





Open House for GC-MS Workshop (March 2, 2022)



Workshop for Confocal & 2-Photon Microscope on May 3, 2019




Open House of York Center on March 13, 2019: Instrument Demonstration & Training

Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) 


Ion Chromatography




Pizza Time



Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony of Life Sciences and Engineering Center on September 21, 2017




LSEC_10  LSEC_11  LSEC_12


Ground Break Ceremony of Life Sciences and Engineering Building on Oct. 1, 2015


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SEM & MS Workshop on Oct. 13, 2015