Pinnacle 8400 Rat Tethered System

The Pinnacle 8400 rat tethered system it provides information about electroencephalographic readings that can shed light on brain oscillations network excitability and seizure information (EEG Set-up)

The Pinnacle 8400 rat tethered system located in MSB H519 allows for a configurable channel setup and is currently capable of recording simultaneously from 2 animals. It can obtain 4 EEG signals as well as a single depth recording of seizure activity.   The EEG data are amplified and filtered by a headmounted 10x preamplifier, which greatly reduces electrical noise.  Signals are then passed through the rat commutator/swivel to the final stage conditioning and filtering via a data acquisition system, ADInstruments Powerlab 16/35.  The data are then transmitted real-time to a data recording, signal processing software, Labchart.  In conjunction with the EEG data, video recordings are recorded with via a high resolution infrared dome camera which can record an object up to 65ft. away in the day or nighttime and synchronized with the EEG data in Labchart.  The recorded movie and data file can be played back to view the recorded video and EEG data file simultaneously. Signal analysis and filtering are all performed in LabChart.