Sleep Monitoring Room

The continuous sleep monitoring rodent cages and rodent beds equipped with piezoelectric sensors that are capable of monitoring 24 h cycle of sleep patterns .

The PiezoSleep rat Behavioral Tracking System is a complete solution to monitor and analyze data regarding sleep/wake cycles in rodents. This is a non-invasive method to monitor sleep/wake cycles which is based on piezoelectric sensor technology. The Piezoelectric polymer film transforms mechanical pressure into electrical signals with >95% accuracy The data acquired using this system increases the statistical power of rat sleep patterns by using multiple cages interconnected with single data acquisition system.

The system contains Customized Open-Floor Cages, Non-invasive PizeoFloor Sensors (PZ-77), Cage Amplifiers [based on cage quantity] (PZ-100), and Data Acquisition Sensors (DAQ). The system, when integrated, provides proven accurate sleep/wake analysis in lab animals, and eliminates the need for human scoring. The piezoelectric floor pads in cages provide a non-invasive alternative to monitor and test mice during sleep, upon wake and throughout “normal” sleep activity. Cages can be customized to suit a variety of needs and can accommodate differential feeding, watering, stimulus adapters, etc. Each individual cage and complete system is thoroughly tested and comes calibrated to suit your project needs.